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The NervClub is comprised of clinicians and scientists dedicated to the initiation, development and pursuit of projects in the peripheral nerve field. As such we are a group of handsurgeons, neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, neurologists, neuroradiologists, neuropathologists, neurophysiologists and neuroanatomists dedicated to interdisciplinary exchange, both on a personal and scientific basis in an attempt to enlarge our nerve orientated network.



Invitation to the 9th Interdisciplinary Pleuxus Symposium
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Welcome message from the Secretary

Dear colleagues,

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for your active participation in the general assembly and the NervClub conference in Liège from 9th- 10th February 2023. A total of 40 members were present on the first day and 60 colleagues took part in the NervClub conference on the second day.

Special thanks go to Jörg Bahm, the organizer of the event and its social program. With the selection of speakers who presented highly interesting lectures that led to very stimulating discussions, Jörg Bahm succeeded in creating a very successful event.

The NervClub has grown. In 2022 we had 56 full members, 6 corresponding and 11 junior members.

One of the highlights of the conference was the awarding of honorary membership to the founding members and initiators of the NervClub Hans Assmus and Hans-Peter Richter.

At the general assembly, the new members Christine Brand, Anne Carolus, Christian Hagemann and Anne Uerschels received their certificates. We wish the new members great success and look forward to their intensive, active participation in our NervClub.

The prize-winner for the Publication Award of the NervClub e.V. 2023 was Dr. Giacomo Valle from Zurich with his publication "Multifaceted understanding of human nerve implants to design optimized electrodes for bioelectronics". The certificate was awarded to his co-author Dr. Giovanna Aiello.

Following the NervClub conference in Liège, the 9th Interdisciplinary Plexus Symposium took place in Aachen. The symposium, with 60 participants, was held in both German and English language. The scientific level was high with a great interaction and discussion.

As part of the Plexus Symposium, Jörg Bahm organized a cadaver course in which participants from several countries took part. The course involved neurosonographic demonstrations as well as nerve preparations. including It is planned to offer such cadaver courses bi-annually under the aegis of the NervClub.

The “Sibylle Assmus Foundation” in cooperation with the NervClub announced the Award for Neuroregeneration (endowment 10,000 €) for the year 2023. The winner will be announced in April. Applications for 2024 can be submitted to the foundation board (www. Stiftung-Sibylle-Assmus.de) from October 2023.

The new elected 1st Chairman Mirko Pham will organize the NervClub conference followed by a Pain Symposium on 22th and 23th February 2024 in Würzburg.

Gregor Antoniadis
Executive Secretary